New UFMT Master Course in Zoology Inaugurated

The new Master Course in Zoology (PPGZOO) was inaugurated on August 11 at the UFMT Anfiteatro, Bloco Didatico. Around 50 professors and students attended the official ceremony. Among the CO.BRA team members present were Prof. Dr. Marinez I. Marques, PPGZOO Coordinator; Prof.  Dr. Todor Ganchev, TU Varna, Bulgaria; Prof. Dr. Josiel Maimone, UFMT; Prof. Dr. Charly Schuchmann, University of Bonn, Germany, and UFMT Visiting Professor. A special guest was Prof. Dr. Paulo Teixeira, coordinator of the National Science and Technology Institute for Wetlands, INAU, and Coordinator  and Director of the UFMT International Foreign Relations Office.The welcome addresses during  the official ceremony were held by Prof. Dr. Marinez I. Marques and Prof. Dr. Marcos Andre de Carvalho, Director of the Institute of Biosciences. Invited speakers were Prof. Dr. Joanis Tilemahos Zervoudakis, UFMT Pro-Rector of Research (lecture topic “Promoting Science in Brazil“) and Prof. Dr. Charly Schuchmann (lecture topic “What is Modern Zoology About?“). Two PPGZOO disciplines will be conducted by CO.BRA team researchers in 2015: “Applied Bioacoustics – A Tool for Biomonitoring and Conservation“ and “Science, How to Talk and Write About It“.