News from our Mammal Survey in the Southern Pantanal: Analysis of Species Assemblages and Ecology with a Focus on the Giant Anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)

A long-term camera trap survey at Fazenda Barranco Alto, our study site in the southern Pantanal, provides increasing insights into abundance and habitat use of terrestrial mammals. Until today camera traps were placed at 80 different camera sites on 331 occasions (2317 trapping nights), covering several complete annual cycles. Our field work in 2014 added 40 occasions to the existing data set currently analyzed.

Since the Giant Anteater represents an important flag ship species for the region, we collected additional movement patterns of individuals using a photo registry and a GPS-device to trace back recording positions. In 2014 we sighted and photographed Giant Anteaters for 58 times, adding up to an overall data set of 259 anteater records. Based on their characteristic fur patterns, photographs are an important data source to analyze individual activities and habitat preferences. Besides we expect, for the first time, significant long-term information on the social organization and home-range behavior of M. tridactyla

Photo: Female Giant Anteater with young. © INAU / CO.BRA