UFMT / PPGZOO Course on Scientific Production

The CO.BRA research team coordinators Profa. Marinez I. Marques, UFMT, and Prof. Charly Schuchmann, UFMT and University of Bonn, Germany, conducted the first Master course in English, entitled “Science, how to talk and write about it“ at the UFMT´s Biology Institute, Laboratory of Ecology and Taxonomy of Arthropods,  in April / May 2015. The participants were introduced to career-relevant skills on how to optimize the design of a scientific poster presentation and on how to proceed with a concise planning and realization of orals for seminars and congresses. Another focus of the course dealt with the structure, content, and language elaboration of biological manuscripts for international scientifc journals. Each of these three teaching topics were complemented by practical tasks conducted by each student.


Photo: PPGZOO / LETA, course participants with lecturer Profa. Marinez I. Marques (center, back). © CO.BRA / INAU