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CO.BRA Team Presentations at the CONBRAU Congress


CO.BRA Team Presentations at the CONBRAU Congress

The 3rd Brazilian Wetland Congress (CONBRAU) was held at the National Pantanal Research Institute (INPP / UFMT) in Cuiaba from June 22 – 24.  More than 300 participants from several Brazilian states, Australia, USA, and Europe attended the meeting. Under the general theme “Brazilian wetlands – knowledge status, valuation, risk, and legal situation“ 182 studies were presented orally and by posters. The CO.BRA team members contributed with three posters and one oral to the CONBRAU Congress program (posters: A. S. Tissiani et al., The UFMT Computational Bioacoustics Research Unit CO.BRA; F. Nunes et al., The Secret Acoustic Signals of the Pantanal Caiman (Caiman yacare); F. de Deus et al., Seasonality and Community Structure of Understory Woodland Birds in a Stochastic Wetland Ecosystem, a Case Study from the Northern Pantanal; invited oral: K.-L. Schuchmann, Bioacoustics – an Innovative Approach to Assess Biodiversity).


Photo: Congress inauguration held by Prof. Dr. Paulo Teixeira, Coordinator of the INAU / INCT program.