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Facing the Arriving Flood: INAU / CO.BRA Wild Mammal Monitoring Study


Facing the Arriving Flood: INAU / CO.BRA Wild Mammal Monitoring Study

Our mammal monitoring research team, led by Kathrin Burs, presently conducts field work in the Parque SESC Baía das Pedras in the Northern Pantanal of Poconé. This study area is part of the INAU / CO.BRA mammal survey which began in 2013. Within the well-preserved park of c. 4200 hectare we maintain 38 different sample stations where wildlife cameras are installed. At certain study plots, additional audio recording devices are maintained to monitor mammal sounds at a 24 hour / 7 day-mode. These non-invasive methods provide important information on species richness, presence, and absence,  habitat use, as well as on activity and communication patterns of Pantanal mammals. To better understand the seasonal changes of the local mammal community our team members carefully monitor how these animals respond to the drastic annual environmental changes from a dry savanna from June - November to an aquatic ecosystem from December – May. The beginning inundation in December poses a major logistic challenge for our team since the recording stations can be reached for the weekly services only by horse or boat.


Photo: Biology student and project volunteer Christoph Oel (left) and mammal specialist Kathrin Burs, installing a wildlife camera and an automated acoustic recording device (tree center).

Photo:  A Puma (Puma concolor), a common larger cat species in our study area, passing-by a wildlife camera trap.

Photo: INAU / CO.BRA researcher checking an audio recording station during the flood period.