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New CO.BRA Cooperation Partner in Vegetation Sciences

(Jul/Aug 2016)

New CO.BRA Cooperation Partner in Vegetation Sciences

Prof. Dr. Julia Arieira and her plant ecology research team from the University of Cuiaba (UNIC) joined CO.BRA as a junior partner based on a MoU between the UFMT and UNIC. Prof. Arieira is a specialist on wetland vegetation composition and structure. Her expertise will provide detailed information to better understand the seasonal distribution of sound emitting species within the different plant associations in our northern Pantanal study areas. The first cooperation project with her team will start in August analyzing the phytosociology of 8 macrohabitats where 2 annual cycles of soundscape recordings and traditional avian monitoring techniques (mist nets, point counts) were conducted. The vegetation analysis study will be part of the post-graduation program in Environmental Sciences of the University of Cuiaba.

Photo: Prof. Julia Arieira conducting field work in the Pantanal.