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Australian's visitors


Visitors from James Cook University, Australia  

In November Dr. Miriam Goosem and her husband Steve from James Cook University, Cairns, Australia visited our INAU / CO.BRA lab, after lecturing at UFMT - Sinop. Both scientists are known for their studies in tropical restoration ecology and rainforest road ecology. In their research on effects of roads and powerline clearings they apply ecoacustics to identify subtle effects such as anthropogenic road noise and its impact on faunal tropical community composition. Together with CO.BRA team members a potential future colaboration was discussed.    

Photo: Meeting at CO.BRA lab. Left to right: Dr. Miriam Goosem, Dr. Steve Goosem (Center for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Studies, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia), Dr. Ana Silvia Tissiani (CO.BRA), Filipe de Deus (CO.BRA).