APP Software Development for Automated Animal Sound Recognition


On September 15 a technical meeting took place at the University of Ghent, Belgium between CO.BRA and representatives of the Department of Information Technology to initiate of formal cooperation. The aim is to produce a software for mobile phones for an application to identify automatically recorded characteristic animal sounds from the Pantanal for nature tourism and citizen science. The APP development will be part of a MSc. thesis project of Heleen Cauwels using CO.BRA sound recordings. The project will be supervised by Prof. Paul Devos, Prof. Dick Botteldooren, Research Group WAVES, and CO.BRA team members.    


Photo: Technical meeting at the University of Ghent, Belgium, Department of Information Technology, Research Group WAVES Heleen Cauwels MSc. Student (left), Prof. Dr. Paul Devos (center), and CO.BRA Coordinator Prof. Dr. Charly Schuchmann (right). Photo by Prof. Dick Botteldooren.