Up in the Sky - In Search of New Pantanal Study Sites


On May 24, CO.BRA team members undertook an aerial survey southwards along the River Paraguay to localize potential resting sites of migratory birds, e.g., sandbars and shallow lakes. Another objective of this activity was to look for pristine forest areas in the central western part of the Pantanal for future soundscape studies. Due to the extended inundation of large parts of the western Pantanal the GPS selected research localities during the flight need to be reconfirmed by a boat trip in 2018.     

Photo: Inundated areas of the western Pantanal. Green vegetation (foreground): floating islands of macrophytes.  


Photo: CO.BRA aerial survey team. Left to right: Prof. Dr. Julia Arieira, Prof. Dr. Charly Schuchmann, Filipe de Deus, MSc, PhD candidate, Prof. Dr. Marinez I. Marques, Dr. Ana Silvia Tissiani.