CO.BRA e LETA recebem o Prof. Dr. Dirk Thielen

O Computational Bioacoustics Research Unit (CO.BRA/INAU/UFMT) e o Laboratório de Ecologia e Taxonomia de Artrópodes (LETA/IB/PPGZOO) com apoio da SECRI, informam a realização de uma palestra e dois cursos a serem oferecidos pelo Prof. Dr. Dirk Thielen, chefe do Laboratório de Ecologia da Paisagem e Clima, e Professor do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Biologia (Ecologia), Centro de Estudos Avançados (CEA) do Instituto Venezuelano de Pesquisas Científicas (IVIC).

Os cursos estão abertos aos discentes da Pós-graduação, mestrandos e doutorandos, com 12 vagas por turma. Ao final será conferida certificação de participação. Os candidatos selecionados deverão levar seu próprio notebook para a condução das atividades, que serão ministradas em inglês.

O primeiro curso acontecerá de 29 de outubro a 1º de novembro de 2018, com o tema "GIS methodologies for climate characterization, and the study of climate variability and change in savanna systems". Por sua vez, o segundo curso ocorrerá entre os dias 05 e 09 de novembro de 2018, com o tema "GIS methodologies for studying land use and cover change in savanna systems".

A palestra será proferida no dia 07 de novembro, às 16h na Sala 72 Instituto de Computação - IC com o tema "The effect of Global Changes on the spatial / temporal dynamics of Neotropical savannas: Experiences from Los Llanos del Orinoco".

Os interessados em participar dos cursos devem enviar para a Profa. Marinez Isaac Marques - email: marinez513@gmail.com, as seguintes informações:
1- Nome completo:
2- Nome do Curso de Pós-Graduação que está cursando (Mestrado/ Doutorado):
3- Um breve resumo, com no máximo 10 linhas, esclarecendo o interesse em participar do(s) curso(s).
O periodo de inscrição para o I Curso será de 11 a 20 de outubro, e divulgação dos resultados no dia 23 de outubro, e para o II Curso, de 22 a 29 de outubro, com divulgação dos resultados no dia 30 de outubro.

Para maiores informações acesse: http://cobra.ic.ufmt.br/web/guest/lecture-and-courses




Paolo Ramoni-Perazzi, MSc – New CO.BRA Member

Paolo Ramoni-Perazzi is a Venezuelan biologist from the Universidad de Los Andes, ULA, Venezuela. He received a Master´s degree on Systematics from the Instituto de Ecología AC, Mexico, in 2002, and obtained another Master´s degree on Modelling and Simulation of Systems at ULA, Venezuela, in 2016. Paolo is currently pursuing his doctorate in Applied Ecology at the Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brazil. He worked as an ULA researcher at the Laboratorio de Zoología Aplicada, Sciences Faculty, from 1992 – 2016 and as an associate member and professor at the Centro de Simulación y Modelos, Engineering Faculty from 2014 – 2016. He published several papers on the natural history, distribution, and conservation of birds and mammals from the Neotropics as well as on other zoological groups (for details check at ResearchGate). Paolo participated in teaching activities at several academic levels in Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil. Besides he was an invited lecturer and speaker at universities and congresses in Ecuador, Mexico, USA, and Venezuela.  Among the recognition he received, the International Partnership Award of Wings Across the Americas (USA, 2008) stands out due to his excellent research contributions to the Cerulean Warbler Technical Group. At CO.BRA Paolo will be engaged in various levels of audiovisual data analyses and modeling procedures.


Photo: Paolo Ramoni-Perrazzi, Lavras, Minas Gerais.


CO.BRA Member Prof. Dr. Todor Ganchev Lecturing at UFMT

Prof. Ganchev from the Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria, visited our laboratory during his recent lecture trip to the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) in Cuiaba. He was invited by the UFMT´s Secretaria de Relações Internacionais and our CO.BRA colleagues, Prof. Thiago Ventura, Prof. Allan de Oliveira, from the Institute of Computation (IC/UFMT), to give courses and seminars on recent advances in the field of computational bioacoustics.


Photo: Prof. Todor Ganchev lecturing at the IC/UFMT.


Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services Workshop

On May 25, 2018, the 1st Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services Workshop was held in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, at the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), Department of Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation, as part of the activities of NINFA (Nucleus of Studies on Infrastructure and Environment). This nucleus is led by Dr. Wilson Cabral, associate professor at ITA. Dr. Cabral is engaged to gather a critical mass of researchers to quantify and model ecosystem services, especially those related to Brazilian water resources. The workshop was attended by professionals with different expertise, e.g., ecologists, agronomists, biologists, and environmental engineers. In oral presentations participants focused on methodological approaches to quantify ecosystem services to avoid inadequate management services. CO.BRA team member, Dr. Julia Arieira, who participated in the event, presented a talk on the importance of wetlands as water repositories, based on 10 years of research in the Pantanal wetlands.


Photo: Participants of the 1st Workshop on Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services. Top-left to bottom-right: Walter Mendes Filho, Angelica Giarolla, Julia Arieira, Wilson Cabral de Sousa, Eduardo Arraut, Mariana Chaves, Bruna Pavani, Demerval Gonçalves, José Carlos de Moura Xavier, Thiago C. L. Ribeiro, Mariana G. C. de Abreu.


Scientists from Slovenia Visited CO.BRA Laboratory

Prof. Elena Buzan, molecular biology expert and CO.BRA team member, visited us for ten days in April/ May. She was accompanied by Prof. Boštjan Pokorny, an ungulate specialist and potential future CO.BRA research collaborator. Besides excursions to our Pantanal studies sites and to the Chapada dos Guimarães both biologists presented talks on their research topics (Prof. Buzan: Molecular methods for systematics and evolution, Prof. Pokorny: Management of free-ranging ungulates in Slovenia: basic principles, changes, and perspectives). The oral presentations were well attended by CO.BRA team members, professors, and students from the Biological Institute of the UFMT.


Photo: Prof. Pokorny and Prof. Buzan (center, arrows) discussing research topics after talk sessions.


In Focus - INAU / CO.BRA Research on the Giant Anteater

In a recent 1 hour German tv documentation, Lydia Moecklinghoff, PhD student and INAU / CO.BRA subproject team member, presented her research on the Giant Anteater from the southern Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul. Even if you are not undertanding German enjoy the outstanding close-up videos on this endangered and charismatic flagship species.  

Press link to start: Giant Anteater tv documentation

Photo: Left, Lydia Moecklinghoff, INAU / CO.BRA team member, presenting her research documentation at the German tv format Planet Wissen.  



Visitors from James Cook University, Australia  

In November Dr. Miriam Goosem and her husband Steve from James Cook University, Cairns, Australia visited our INAU / CO.BRA lab, after lecturing at UFMT - Sinop. Both scientists are known for their studies in tropical restoration ecology and rainforest road ecology. In their research on effects of roads and powerline clearings they apply ecoacustics to identify subtle effects such as anthropogenic road noise and its impact on faunal tropical community composition. Together with CO.BRA team members a potential future colaboration was discussed.    

Photo: Meeting at CO.BRA lab. Left to right: Dr. Miriam Goosem, Dr. Steve Goosem (Center for Tropical Environmental and Sustainability Studies, James Cook University, Cairns, Australia), Dr. Ana Silvia Tissiani (CO.BRA), Filipe de Deus (CO.BRA).


New Wildlife Camera Study on Curassows (Cracidae) 

In October Martin Senic, Ms. student, joined us for a research project on the life history of a common Pantanal cracid, the Bare-faced Curassow (Crax fasciolata). His alma mater is the University of Primorska, Faculty of Mathemathics, Natural Sciences and Information Techologies, Koper, Slovenia, our INAU II / CO.BRA partner institution. Martin's research is part of our long term wildlife camera study which Kathrin Burs, PhD student, initiated 3 years ago. In his research he will evaluate camera trap data obtained during these years to test habitat occupancy models correlated to different covariates such as vegetation coverage or anthropogenic impacts.  

Photo: Martin Senic, Master of Science student of the University of Primorska, Slovenia, adjusting a wildlife camera at our SESC Pantanal study site.   


Globo Reporter: Pantanal - TV Wildlife Film


Recently, Globo Reporter, a national Brazilian TV series, released a natural history film on long term biodiversity studies conducted in the Pantanal. CO.BRA research was featured therein along with other scientific projects on the Pantanal biodiversity wetland fauna and flora. Click triangle to link to the Globo website and press button there again to enjoy the film.






APP Software Development for Automated Animal Sound Recognition


On September 15 a technical meeting took place at the University of Ghent, Belgium between CO.BRA and representatives of the Department of Information Technology to initiate of formal cooperation. The aim is to produce a software for mobile phones for an application to identify automatically recorded characteristic animal sounds from the Pantanal for nature tourism and citizen science. The APP development will be part of a MSc. thesis project of Heleen Cauwels using CO.BRA sound recordings. The project will be supervised by Prof. Paul Devos, Prof. Dick Botteldooren, Research Group WAVES, and CO.BRA team members.    


Photo: Technical meeting at the University of Ghent, Belgium, Department of Information Technology, Research Group WAVES Heleen Cauwels MSc. Student (left), Prof. Dr. Paul Devos (center), and CO.BRA Coordinator Prof. Dr. Charly Schuchmann (right). Photo by Prof. Dick Botteldooren. 



Up in the Sky - In Search of New Pantanal Study Sites


On May 24, CO.BRA team members undertook an aerial survey southwards along the River Paraguay to localize potential resting sites of migratory birds, e.g., sandbars and shallow lakes. Another objective of this activity was to look for pristine forest areas in the central western part of the Pantanal for future soundscape studies. Due to the extended inundation of large parts of the western Pantanal the GPS selected research localities during the flight need to be reconfirmed by a boat trip in 2018.     

Photo: Inundated areas of the western Pantanal. Green vegetation (foreground): floating islands of macrophytes.  


Photo: CO.BRA aerial survey team. Left to right: Prof. Dr. Julia Arieira, Prof. Dr. Charly Schuchmann, Filipe de Deus, MSc, PhD candidate, Prof. Dr. Marinez I. Marques, Dr. Ana Silvia Tissiani.   



Introducing CO.BRA Research Activities to First Semester IC Students 

With the start of the new semester (May 18) freshmen students arrived at the Institute of Computation, Federal University of Mato Grosso, Cuiaba. As an introduction to the forthcoming courses on computer science and information systems our CO.BRA team member and new subproject coordinator Professor Dr. Thiago Ventura gave a presentation on the interdisciplinary research activities related to our computational bioacoustics Pantanal biodiversity monitoring studies. The students showed a great interest in the scientific information content provided by sounds, images, and videos during the presentation of Professor Thiago. We hope to see some of them in a few years to come as CO.BRA team collaborators. 



Photo: Professor Dr. Thiago Ventura (IC / UFMT) presenting a talk on CO.BRA research activities to students during the IC semester inauguration activities.  



Graduate Course "Science, How to Talk and Write About it"

The craft of scientific presentations is a major tool for academic careers in biology.

This course will focus on processes on scientific decision-making during the period of undergraduate and graduate studies. It includes the planning, structuring, writing, and presenting orally the results of scientific research. The course content will comprise the structuring and writing of undergraduate monographs, graduate dissertations, and PhD theses. The second major emphasis will cover the writing of scientific publications and presentions of science at meetings and congresses (seminar talks, posters, congress orals).

Course dates: May 10 - 20, 2017. 
Locations: Federal University of Mato Grosso, Cuiabá.

Contact: PPGZOO, Professor Marinez I. Marques 


TV Documentation - The Pantanal Sounds Project in Focus


At the beginning of April a camera team from CENTRO AMERICA TV visited our Pantanal study sites and CO.BRA / LETA laboratory for three days to conduct a nature film documentation produced for the Brazilian national tv station GLOBO in Rio de Janeiro. Besides our bioacoustic research several other INAU projects are part of this 30 min special tv program featuring biological sciences in the Pantanal wetlands. 

Photo: A nature film team from Centro America documented our Pantanal bioacoustic monitoring research for a forthcoming GLOBO tv production.