Data sets


Lerneca inalata beripocone oscillograms of calling songs and audios from six Pantanal study sites.


SESC - Flooded Forest Edge BIINORPHLE00_BRMTPSC999C001S20130727T175000_14INAU_L

Pouso Alegre farm - Fooded Forest 1 BIINORGR0000_BRMTPPA305C002S20130909T182400_32INAU_L

Pouso Alegre farm -  Forest Edge BIINORGR0000_BRMTPPA312C002S20130918T191700_44INAU_L

Pouso Alegre farm - Fooded Forest 2  BIINORGR0000_BRMTPPA306C002S20131015T183000_90INAU_L
Pouso Alegre farm - Fooded Forest 3  BIINORGR0000_BRMTPPA307C002S20131007T195000_72INAU_L

Pouso Alegre farm - Non-Fooded Forest   BIINORGR0000_BRMTPPA308C002S20131019T184900_101INAU_L