CO.BRA is an interdisciplinary scientific network based at the Federal University of Mato Grosso (UFMT) dedicated to research on automated acoustic monitoring of the Pantanal biodiversity. Team members come from various UFMT-Institutes, namely the National Institute of Wetland Sciences and Technology (INAU / CNPq), the Institute of Biosciences (IB – Post-Graduate Programs in Ecology and Conservation of Biodiversity and in Zoology), the Institute of Computation (IC), and the Institute of Physics (IF – Post-Graduate Program in Environmental Physics).

The laboratories of the CO.BRA Unit are hosted at the Institute of Biosciences, Laboratory of Ecology and Taxonomy of Arthropods (LETA), the Institute of Computation, Laboratory of Environmental Database Processing (TABA), Brazil, the Technical University of Varna, Department of Electronics, Applied Signal Processing Laboratory, Bulgaria, and the University of Primorska, Department of Molecular Sciences, Slovenia.

The CO.BRA team consists of seven research subunits (data acquisition, bioacoustics – IPBC, software system development, signal processing, artificial intelligence, data communication, knowledge transfer), plus a project management section.

The core subunit coordinators are mentioned in the organization chart. However, for additional research participants in each sub-unit check the team link.

Presently Research funds for CO.BRA come from the National Institute of Wetland Sciences and Technology (INAU / CNPq), the ‘Science without Borders Program’ (CsF / CNPq / CAPES), the Brehm Foundation for International Bird Conservation (BF), Germany.