Scientists from Slovenia Visited CO.BRA Laboratory

Scientists from Slovenia Visited CO.BRA LaboratoryProf. Elena Buzan, molecular biology expert and CO.BRA team member, visited us for ten days in April/ May. She was accompanied by Prof. Boštjan Pokorny, an ungulate specialist and potential future CO.BRA research collaborator. Besides excursions to our Pantanal studies sites and to the Chapada dos Guimarães both biologists presented talks on their research topics (Prof. Buzan: Molecular methods for systematics and evolution, Prof. Pokorny: Management of free-ranging ungulates in Slovenia: basic principles, changes, and perspectives). The oral presentations were well attended by CO.BRA team members, professors, and students from the Biological Institute of the UFMT.

Prof. Pokorny and Prof. Buzan (center, arrows) discussing research topics after talks sessions.